Policy Regarding Cookies

Policy Regarding Cookies

What Cookies Are

A cookie is a text file which a web site saves on a user’s computer after the user visits the site. The cookie is stored by the user’s browser in a location reserved for cookies.
A cookie saves information about the user’s visit to the web site. This information can include the user’s preferences regarding web site appearance and behavior, based on the user’s actions at that site. Cookies can also keep track of the number of visitors visiting each page at a site.

There are two main types of cookie:

To find out more about cookies, visit: whatismybrowser.com/guides/how-to-enable-javascript

The Purpose of using a Session Cookie on this website

The intention is to provide visitors with the highest quality of user experience. A session cookie stores information regarding the user’s display and language preferences, so this website can display correctly. Cookies also make it possible to determine when a page or page element is not working properly. We do not make use of cookies for any other purpose.

If a Visitor Does Not Agree to Allow Cookies

There may be times when a visitor is not willing to allow cookies. This can happen, for example, if the visitor is using a computer that is public (at a library, school, or Internet cafe, for example), or that otherwise cannot be trusted or does not allow control of security. It is possible to instruct most browsers to not save cookies. When a user does this, however, web sites may not operate as it was designed to, and the user will be required to enter basic information for each visit. If a machine is secure and can be trusted (a personal laptop or a desktop system at home, for example), it is advisable to allow cookies in order to allow the site to function properly and provide a high-quality user experience. All visitors have the option to reject the consent of cookies at any time by exiting our website and delete the cookies from their browser.

Right to Withdraw Cookies

If, at any time, you should wish to withdraw your consent to this Cookie Policy, you can simply delete the cookies stored by adjusting your Internet browser settings.