Terms and Privacy Policy

Terms and Privacy Policy

About this website

This website is privately owned and operated. All content and information provided is for the purpose of explaining the US E-Visa (electronic travel authorization) application process. An E-Visa is required for all visa waiver travelers visiting the United States of America by air or sea. By browsing this website you consent to these Terms and and Privacy Polices.

Information Collected and Shared

This website does not utilize any web analysis tools that collect identifying data about the visitors. There is no personal data being stored nor shared. All visitors remain anonymous by reading and browsing this website. A session cookie is placed on your computer to display the website correctly. Please refer to the Cookie Policy to learn how you can remove/clean cookies.

Links to and from external domains

Visitors may arrive at this website via links provided by third parties. It is though not possible to conduct continual or permanent reviews of such sites due to the nature of the Internet. It would be unreasonable to expect so. Good Internet browsing practice includes reading a website’s Terms and Conditions before continuing or buying a product/service. Any outgoing links from this domain are purely for information purposes and up each visitor to choose whether they wish to follow or not.

Site security

This website has an SSL installed for all web pages. SSL or Secure Socket Layer is used to protect all the web pages and make the visit safer for all visitors. The URL line shows that all web pages begin with https:// to ensure the highest possible security for the site.

Changes to these policies

Changes to this Policy and its content may change at any time when circumstances require. The date any changes were made will be visible to visitors at the bottom of this Policy page.