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Eligibility Test

Check if you qualify for ESTA

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Check your eligibility
(For passport holders of any country)

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New ESTA Application

Apply for a new ESTA

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ESTA Application Requirements:
You are citizen of a Visa Waiver Country

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Verify/Update ESTA

Update your existing ESTA

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ESTA Update Requirements:
You are citizen of a Visa Waiver Country


What information is needed in order to complete the ESTA online application?

You should have the following information on hand when filling out your ESTA online application:

  • Your name and date of birth;
  • Your passport information (number, country of issue, expiry date);
  • Credit card information.

How do I apply for an ESTA to travel to the United States under the Visa Waiver program?

Fill Out Your ESTA Application
Visit the official ESTA website or a third-party company website, and fill out the application with the required information listed above, as well as your current travel arrangements, your credit card information, and all other questions. An application must be submitted for every member of your travel-party who does not have a visa, including minors.

Submit Your ESTA Application
The ESTA site allows you to review your information by navigating between steps before submitting your application. Double-check all information for accuracy.

Pay the ESTA Application Fee
Make a payment on our website if you want to use our review and processing services. We charge $ 83.00 per application. You are free to use the official government website if you do not need help with your application.

Receive Your Travel Authorization by Email
If your application is approved, you should receive your travel authorization by email (in PDF format) within a few minutes of submission. Although in some cases more time is required to process an application, you can expect your travel authorization within 72 hours.

You will receive one of three application statuses:

  • Authorization Approved. The system will provide a printable confirmation of your approval and a receipt for your credit card records. You are authorized to travel under the Visa Waiver program. But remember, an ESTA authorization does not guarantee admission to the United States; you will be inspected by a Customs and Border Protection officer upon arrival, and they will determine your eligibility to enter the United States according to the country’s laws and regulations.
  • Travel Not Authorized. You have been denied the use of the Visa Waiver program to travel to the United States. Please note that this does not mean that you will be denied entry into the United States, or that you cannot travel; only that you are not eligible for the Visa Waiver program. You will receive a receipt for the processing fee charged to your credit card. Your next step is to contact the Department of State or the US Embassy to discuss how you can get a visa.
  • Authorization Pending. If your status is listed as 'Pending', an immediate determination cannot be made by the system and your travel authorization is under further review. You will receive the necessary information to check your application status after 72 hours have elapsed, when your application may be authorized or denied. 'Pending' does not necessarily mean 'no'.

Do travelers need to bring a paper printout of their travel authorization to the airport?

You are not required to have a paper printout of your ESTA status on hand—the DHS will have an electronic record of your authorization. However, it's recommended to have your printout available in order to advise your carrier of your ESTA authorization, and to have your authorization number for your records.

Does a traveler ever need to reapply for a travel authorization through ESTA?

There are multiple situations when you might need to reapply for an ESTA authorization. You should submit a new application if:

  • Your passport expires, and you receive a new passport;
  • You change your legal name for any reason;
  • You change your legal gender;
  • Your country of citizenship changes;
  • Your life circumstances change in a way that would make any of your previous 'yes' or 'no' responses to ESTA questions no longer applicable;
  • Your previous ESTA authorization expires, either because your passport has expired or because two years have elapsed since your authorization was granted.

New applications will be charged at the same flat fee as the initial application.

How can a traveler apply for ESTA without access to the Internet?

As ESTA is an online-only program, travelers without Internet access can engage a third party (a service agent, travel agent, relative, or friend) to submit their ESTA application on their behalf. The traveler is still legally responsible for any answer submitted on their application.



Visa Waiver Countries

San Marino
Czech Republic
South Korea
United Kingdom