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How to Submit your eVisa Application for Review and Processing

What country are you a citizen of?

What kind of card will you use for payment?

We are not able to process your application at the moment. Please apply directly on this website: esta.cbp.dhs.gov

NB! We charge a processing fee of USD 69.00. Do you still want to continue?


We specialize in processing eVisa applications on behalf of travelers to avoid problems and help with any questions. We do charge a processing fee of $ 83.00 per application which includes the mandatory payment to the US government of $ 14.00. You will only see one charge on your card statement from our company. It is optional to use our professional submission service, and you have the choice of lodging your own application without our help directly with the government at: https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov

The ESTA application has to be submitted electronically online. It is done by following application process that consists of four steps. The first and second step ask for personal information about you, and all required fields must be duly filled out to continue. The third step is where you make the payment for the ESTA cost that covers the processing fee and authorization itself. When paid, you will reach step four that confirms that you have submitted your ESTA application. Please be aware that ESTA is not a visa, and a visit to the US Embassy is not required - like it used to be to obtain a Visa USA. The US ESTA number will be sent to you by email and will take no more than seventy-two hours.

This travel authorization is eligible if your travels relate to tourism, business, transit, healthcare or short study programs (non-credit). When obtained, the ESTA is valid for two years, and a renewal is required if it expires. Take note that even if it is valid for two years, you can only stay in the United States of America for no more than ninety days after entering the country and successfully passed through immigration.

When the application and payment has been submitted, you will receive the ESTA number via email. This number is your travel authorization. Below is a sample of the document that you will receive: