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Eligibility Test

Check if you qualify for ESTA

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Check your eligibility
(For passport holders of any country)

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New ESTA Application

Apply for a new ESTA

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ESTA Application Requirements:
You are citizen of a Visa Waiver Country

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Verify/Update ESTA

Update your existing ESTA

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ESTA Update Requirements:
You are citizen of a Visa Waiver Country


Can I renew my ESTA?

It is not possible to renew an ESTA. If your travel authorization has expired or if any changes have been made to your passport, you need to submit a new application. Travel authorizations to the U.S. are normally valid for 2 years.

Can I check or update my ESTA?

It is possible to check and update your ESTA online. Information available to update online includes your email and visiting address in the United States. You can check the status of your travel authorization at any time. Using a private company to help locate and retrieve your ESTA is optional.

What should I do if the information on my passport has changed?

If your passport has expired, and/or your passport information has changed, you must reapply for your ESTA authorization. The same fee will apply if you submit your application for review and processing using our company.

How can applicants correct a mistake on their ESTA application?

Any mistakes or changes can be made on all ESTA applications before they are filed on the official US government website. Once an application is submitted, the only personal data available to amend is the email on file and visiting address in the United States. Any other ESTA changes require a new application to be filed along with payment.

My travel authorization is valid for travel to the United States, but will expire before I depart the U.S. for home. Do I need to apply for a new one before my trip?

You can still use your current US travel authorization for your complete trip. Visa Waiver program regulations require that the travel authorization be valid for your date of arrival in the United States, but you can depart the United States on schedule even if your ESTA authorization has expired.



Visa Waiver Countries

San Marino
Czech Republic
South Korea
United Kingdom